Admission is by online application followed by payment of tuition, fees, and submission of required documents in a timely manner.

Our programs

We offer programs for French-speaking sections from 6e to Tle and English-speaking sections from Form1 to Form6.


The courses are available to our students on our website. Practice continuously while at home and ask all your questions via our Forum.

About us

We provide our students with a safe, secure and disciplined environment to ensure their success. In order to maintain your trust, we value a good relationship with parents and are open to answer any questions you may have.

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The secrets of success


Our students must respect and follow the rules of conduct set by the school.


These are mandatory for the exam classes in order to better assimilate the courses.

Practical works

These are necessary to differentiate theory from practice.


We encourage personal development through continuous work.

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Don't be afraid to talk to us. Ask us about your concerns and we'll be happy to help. Check out our blog.

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MD Bilingual College.

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